Minimum of 3 year contract must be signed.

60 Gallon
120 Gallon
240 Gallon
250 Gallon
320 Gallon
500 Gallon

All tanks are above ground, for pricing to purchase large or
underground storage tanks, please call our office,
Propane Tanks Rental
     Dependable Energy, Inc. leases above ground tanks for a minimum of 3 years
from the date of tank installation.

Dependable Energy, Inc. owns only the propane tank. Upon installation of the
tank, the regulators, gas line and blocks that tank is set on will be sold to the
customer at an additional cost.

The tank lease fee along with any other charges associated with setting the tank
including but not limited to the cost of the regulators, gas line and blocks are due
within 30 days of the tank installation.

The tank lease fee will be automatically billed to your account annually throughout
the term of the lease. If the customer terminates the lease early the customer is
responsible for the payment of the full balance of the term of the lease as well as all
rigging costs associated to remove our tank from the customers’ property in
addition to a handling fee.

After 3 years, the tank lease fee will continue to be renewed an billed on an annual

A dual fuel customer discount will apply to any customer purchasing both fuel oil
and propane from Dependable Energy, Inc. A discount of 5 cents off the daily rate
of fuel oil, 5 cents off our daily rate of propane gas and a $5.00 discount off our
annual tank lease fee. Also, there is an additional 15 cents per gallons discount of
both fuel oil and propane if the account is paid by cash or check within 7 days of

Dependable Energy, Inc. reserves the right to remove any of its owned tanks or
cylinders or revoke this contract in the event that the customers’ account becomes